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Rights and responsibilities

All staff, volunteers, residents, families and visitors are to be aware of the following rights and responsibilities. We expect everyone to adhere to these standards of behaviour as this assists us to provide high quality care to our community.

Residents, family members and visitors have the right to:

  • Meet with the resident in a comfortable environment and participate in those decisions relating to the treatment and well-being of the resident.
  • Be treated with courtesy and respect, including the opportunity to be heard, have questions answered and where reasonably practicable have requests acted upon confidentially and in a timely manner.
  • Have problems or issues of concern dealt with appropriately and be advised on action taken and outcomes.

Residents, family members and visitors have a responsibility to:

  • Refrain from using any verbal or physical behaviour that may harm, threaten or intimidate a staff member and/ or disturb and intrude upon other residents.
  • Ensure when using property within the Craigcare facility that it is utilised for its intended purpose, and in a manner which doesn’t cause damage.
  • Provide appropriate information and address any issues of concern with the appropriate staff member and or senior staff member in attendance.
  • Be aware, cooperate and support the activities and routines of Craigcare.

Craigcare Maylands Resident & Carer

Craigcare aged care workers and volunteers have the right to:

  • Feel safe at work, without risk of being verbally or physically harmed, threatened or intimidated.
  • Attend as provided staff education, training and instruction on how to respond appropriately to situations of harm, intimidation or threat.
  • Receive and accept appropriate support and guidance by management and senior staff when faced with conflict or aggression in the workplace.

Craigcare aged care workers and volunteers have a responsibility to:

  • Treat residents, family members and visitors in a friendly and courteous manner, responding appropriately to questions and issues within the boundaries of their role.
  • Take action and whenever possible and practicable in the first instance to resolve issues of concern in a timely manner, providing feedback at each and every opportunity to reach a satisfactory and acceptable resolution for all parties. Unresolved problems or issues being directly referred to an appropriate staff member or senior management.
  • Explain activities, procedures and routines within the Craigcare facility to family members and visitors.
  • Follow Craigcare management policies and procedures; apply knowledge and skills gained through education to appropriately resolve situations of conflict.